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Sunday, June 14, 2009


Story of Thakurji
Victory over death
Bijoy ketan Sahu
Khalilr Rahaman was a great Muslim devotee of Yuga-Purusottama Sri Sri Thakur Anukul Chandra.He was living alone in Kolkata due to his government job.But his family was in his native place named Bagula.One day, he got a telegram from his wife that their son is seriously ill. Doctors have given up hope. Khalil da's wife asked him to come to the village without delay. After getting this telegram he also replied by a telegram to his wife that he was going to village very soon and to keep patience with having strong faith in Sri Sri Thakur.After getting this telegram, next day early morning Khalil Da started his journey by a train to his native village Bagula. En route is the Iswaradi Railway station.This Iswaradi Railway station is very near to Himaitapur Satsang Ashram. Sri Sri Thakur was staying at that time in his native place Himaitapur only. So, Khalil Da decided to get down on that station and to have darshan of Sri Sri Thakur.He would pray on lotus feet of Sri Sri Thakur about his son’s illness and what instruction Sri Sri Thakur would give he would work accordingly. So accordingly, he get down there and went for Sri Sri Thakur’s holy darshan at Himaitapur Asram.When he reached the Ashram’s gate, he saw that Sri Sri Thakur was sitting with many devotees & some discussion was going on. Emotionally charged with devotion, he ran to offer pronam to his Beloved Lord. But before he could reach Sri Sri Thakur, Sri Sri Thakur saw him from a distance, & exclaimed with joy: “Oh ! Khalil Da,welcome ! Welcome ! Really I was looking for you since morning. I have an important work with you.You please freshen up quickly. You have to go to Medinapur because, due to misunderstandings between two gurubhais, some organizational problem has cropped up there, and I think you are the best person to solve that issue, so you please set your mind to go immediately to Medinapur."
" But now Thakur…………?!!!" Khalil Da offered pranaam at the lotus feet of Sri Sri Thakur and asked in a sad and broken tone. ." Yes ! Yes ! Dada,you have to go now,because it is urgent. Get ready & proceed immediately. Your lunch has been prepared at Kesto Da’s house.After having your lunch you have to start your journey for Medinapore" Sri Sri Thakur replied."But Thakur, my…………………", Khalil Da was trying to say some thing about the ill ness of his son. But Thakur stopping him in the middle of his sentence and ordered Kesto Da (Sri Krishna Prasanna Bhatacharya) to take Khalil da to his house for lunch and help him make preparations to go to Medinapur.After having lunch, when Khalil Da again came to Thakur to say at least something about his son’s illness and to offer pronaam before starting his journey for Medinapore, Thakur again saw him from far and spoke loudly: "Oh..Khalil Da !! Jayguru ! Jayguru ! I accept your pronaam from there itself, no need come near to me.There is no time at all.You go now ! The car driver is waiting for you.Please go from there.I pray to Supreme Father you would surely get success in your mission and will be able to solve the issue at Medinapur."Thus, Sri Sri Thakur did not give him any scope at all to mention anything about his son's illness. Khalil Da only could only pray in his heart,' Oh ! Thakur,Oh ! Param Dayal, you know every thing.You are called Antaryami,you know every body’s mind & thoughts.I was going to see my son who is seriouisly ill. Now, you are engaging me in your holy work. Your will is the best. I am going for your work.I surrender my son at your holy feet. My son’s life or death is on your hands. Let your wish be fulfilled."
Praying in his heart, Khalil Da started his journey to Medinapur. ...It so happened that it took more than a week to solve that issue. Then, he returned to Satsang Ashram Himaitpur. When he reached the Ashram, Sri Sri Thakur did not ask any thing about Medinapur !! Instead, Sri Sri Thakur said: " Oh ! Khalil Da, that day, I think, you were going to your native village. Now, you go there immediately and after coming back from your village please come here again. Then, I will hear everything on the matter of Medinapur."Again, obeying Thakur’s order, Khalil da went to his village Bagula. He was worried of any bad news that might be awaiting him there. Is his son alive or not ? So many negative thoughts were coming in his mind .But he was astonished with what he saw when he reached at his village. His little boy was playing, outside his house, with other boys as if nothing ever happened to him. Tears in his eyes, he embraced his son poured poured his love. Then, he rushed inside to ask his wife about the whole matter. His wife told that it was a miracle. The son was really seriously in bed & even doctors had given up all hope. That’s whenshe telegraphed him. But, after receiving Khalil da's reply-telegram, from very next day, surprisingly, the boy started recovering himself & now he is perfectly allright !Now, Khalil da was able to understand every thing. It is only Thakur’s Grace which has cured his son. Tears rolled down from his eyes as a gratitude to Sri Sri Thakur.Then, alonwith with his son and wife, he went to Thakur and said:-" He Param Dayal !! Now I am able to understand why you sent me to your holy work instead of going to my village to see my son." He described everything to Thakur, & said that by His blessings alone his son got cured. Listening every thing Thakur smiled and said with joy:"You have engaged your self in Supreme Father’s holy work, so Supreme Father saved your son’s lfe."Khalil Da and his wife had tears in their eyes.

Later, another devotee Nani Gopal Chakravarty asked Sri Sri Thakur why, in spite of Khalil da's son’s severe illness, He (Sri Sri Thakur) sent Khalil Da to Medinapore instead of letting him go to his village ? Param Dayal Sri Sri Thakur replied: " When Khalil Da’s son was ill, he was searching for his father, and was extremely eager to see him. Had Khalil reached home that time, the boy would have seen his father, and his all will would have been finished !!This would have left no hope for his life and it might have brought death to him. But at that time I engaged Khalil da in Supreme father’s holy work. And, the child’s mother was also always telling her son-' Oh,my child, you would get cured soon and you would be able to see your father too.' These words of mother created an internal energy of hope in the child, and that cured him. It is psychological science which I applied to make that child cure possible. "All the devotees were delighted by listening to Sri Sri Thakur’s sweet scientific explanation.Truth is truth. Sri Sri Thakur is only truth. He is the Lord of everything. He knows in what way our life will be saved.So, he has asked us to follow Him unconditionally. Nature (Prakriti) always follows Param Purusha (Lord). If we go against Sri Sri Thakur’s instructions, then we suffer from our own mistakes. But if we will follow Him unconditionally, then we can achieve anything, even a victory over death. We can then challenge death : "Oh, death ! be far and far away from me as I have got many works of my Lord to do…………"Vande Purosottamam.Jai GuruBijaya Ketan SahuKolkata

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